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Seonunsa buddhist temple is the head temple of 24th parish in the Korean Jogye order buddhism which is located in Mt.Dosol of Gochang county, Jeonra north province.

The temple name "Seonun" means the place where an ascetic devotee practicing seon(zen) meditation with the evening cloud which dwells in the blazing red of the setting sun.

The temple is located in the rocks of fantastic shape and so it have its most beautiful scenery. The temple was founded A.D.577(24th year of king Weeduk, Baekje dynasty) by master Kumdan and since then this temple took charge of enlightening the sentient beings of this world and guiding them to the buddhist's idealistic pure land.

From the beginning, some displaced people lived in Mt.Seonun(Mt.Dosol) because there were disturbances of war during the period of three states(Gogureo, Baekje and Shinra dynasty). Master Kumdan taught the teachings of Buddha, traditional salt making method and traditional Korean paper making method to them.
So they made their earnings from the salt and paper making and they can kept their livelihood. Villagers named their village as Kumdan-ri after master Kumdan's buddhist name for paying master Kumdan's tribute to them. Villagers also offered their salt to the Seonunsa temple for repaying master Kumdan's obligation.
Since then this beautiful tradition have handed down even today.

There is no end of visitors to Seonunsa temple because this temple have its beautiful scenery, its long history and its important cultural properties.
In addition to it, the red flowers of camilia trees around the temple burst into flowers in the spring and is much loved from the poets and artists.