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Master Seolpa Sangeon was the great seon(zen) master and also a great scholar of Avatamsaka Sutra. He was a native of Mujang(Gochang county, Jeonra north province) and entered into monkhood at his age of 19 to Seonunsa temple through venerable Heesum. He was a great seon(zen) master and also famous for his great knowledge of Avatamsaka Sutra.

The great seon(zen) master venerable Baekpa entered into monkhood through venerable Shihun at his age of 12 to Seonunsa temple. He wrote Seonmunsukyung(a hand mirror of seon(zen)) and this book caused seon(zen) controversy through one and half century in Korean seon(zen) tradition. His great experience of seon(zen) and buddhism produced a large number of seon(zen) masters after him and because of it, he became the great seon(zen) patriach of restoration in the Korean seon(zen) tradition. His stone monument which is exhibited at Seonunsa temple museum was written by Chusa Kim jung-hee who disputed seon(zen) with master Baekpa as a confucian. Even though the confucian Chusa disputed seon(zen) with master Baekpa, he revered master Baekpa as a great seon(zen) master, a good vinaya practioner and a great scholar of Avatamsaka Sutra.

Seokjun Jungho was a monk of light and leading. He was a forerunner of modern Korean buddhism. He always harbored reformation of declining buddhism of his time and so he exert himself to make a reform in Korean buddhism.
He was also a fighter for national independence against Japanese colonialism. Especially he protected Korean tradition of seon(zen) buddhism when pro-Japanese monk Lee hoi-kwang tried to unite Korean seon(zen) tradition with Japanese zen.
He tried to enlighten the public through buddhist mazagine and also educated the rising generation as a great mentor of his age. Nowadays he is evaluted as a great master of poems and a good writer. He is also evaluted as a man of practical mind because of his great devotion to reformation of Korean buddhism.