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Chamdangam hermitage is the oldest hermitage of Seonunsa temple. From the beginning, the hermitage was a big temple called Changdamsa temple or Daechamsa temple. This hermitage was founded by master Euiwoon and there is an interesting story in relation to its foundation.
Long time ago, a stone boat came near the Jukpo harbor. It was during the time when master Euiwoon lived in Beopwhagool cave. The boat was out at sea whenever people near to it. But the boat came near to the harbor when master Euiwoon came out to the harbor with his disciples. Soon a gold person who rowed the boat appeared and delivered several Buddha images and Sutras to master Euiwoon. He then left the place. At that night, the gold person appeared again in master Euiwoon's dream. He said he was a king of somewhere in India and went around far East Asia to find right place to enshrine the Buddha images. As a result, he found marvelous spirit was covered with Mt.Dosol and wanted to enshrine the Buddha images at the right place.

Master Euiwoon built a temple and named it as Daechamsa temple in 581(28th year of king Weeduk, Baekje dynasty). The hermitage once took a role of an independent temple before Seonunsa temple secured the position as head temple of this region during the reign of king Sungjong(1469-1494), Joseon dynasty.
And now, Chamdangam hermitage perform its duty as the seon(zen) meditation center of Seonunsa temple.

The name 'Dosol' means the heaven where Maitreya bodhisattva practice asceticism for his descenting to new idealistic world. As we know it, Maitreya Buddha is the next Buddha and so we presume that the foundation of Dosolam hermitage is related to Maitreya belief. Especially people called the rock cliff Buddha which is carved on the west rock from Dosolam hermitage as Maitreya Buddha. So we presume that there is some sort of connection between Dosolam hermitage and Maitreya belief.

Originally, Dosolam hermitage was devided into three hermitages as upper Dosolam, under Dosolam and north Dosolam. Upper Dosolam hermitage was located at the site of 'Naewongung'(the palace of Maitreya). Under Dosolam hermitage was located at the rock cliff Buddha and north Dosolam hermitage was located at the main Buddha hall. But all is gone except 'Naewongung'(the palace of maitreya) and north Dosolam hermitage. So Dosolam hermitage is composed of 'Naewongung', Main Buddha Hall, Arhat hall and temple dormitory now.
Dosolam Hermitage is the most famous praying site of Korean buddhist.

In addition to it, Seonunsa temple have two more hermitages; Seoksangam Hermitage and Dongwoonam Hermitage.