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Seonunsa Temple is the perfect place to calm your mind and to rest your body, engaging in daily monastic activities. Seonunsa is a well-known temple for its beautiful scenery and its large number of historic relics.
The temple also has a good reputation for its temple stay program. Temple Stay in Seonunsa will be a unique experience for you to learn about Buddhism, its life style, rituals and spirituality. It provides refuge from the city life, as well as time and space for meditation and healing.
This can be a meaningful time to take a look at your inner-self based on Buddha’s teachings; searching for your true self, living in harmony with other people and becoming one with nature.

Make sure you participate in the daily temple life schedule: pre-dawn/evening chanting ceremony, meal time and bed time; and the rest of the day will be free.
It is open to everyone regardless of religious beliefs. We welcome you to Seonunsa Temple Stay. Hope you have an unforgettable memory and make a good karma through temple stay in Seonunsa.