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Marek fromDublin Ireland
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I am sorry to reply so late but we had a very busy schedule in Korea(as always) and I also wanted to attach some pictures. So we arrived to Dublin last night, we had a great time in Korea, a bit tired now but looking forward to our next and hopefully longer visit next year. For me personally those 2 nights I spent in Seonunsa were something I will never forget. To be in such a beautiful place with such a great people is a wonderful experience. I would like to thank you so much for introducing buddism to me and giving me chance to meet so many interesting and good people. I miss everything about Seonunsa(even muscle pain after doing 108 prostrations:)) and I wish I could spent more time there but at the same time I am sure I will come again. After coming back to Seoul we visited temple stay centre in jongguk where I bought a few books about buddism in Korea, Zen monks and tea:) I find them very interesting. I hope you and everyone I met are doing great and I wish you all the best in the future.

Thank you


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