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Post Date : 15-01-15 10:53
The Great Experience
 Post by : Mark
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The Temple stay in Seonunsa was definitely a great experience.
 The temple itself is beautiful, as well as the nature which surrounds it. We were wondering how would be the landscape during winter since we only saw pictures took during summer but we were lucky that the snow came out during the night and added a magic touch to the environment.
 The best aspect of the temple stay is surely the possibility to talk with monks for few hours. The conversation had open my mind in many ways and gave me a new vision of life. Their respect and their spiritual level inspired us a lot. Finally the experience is completely positive.
 The schedule of the day lets you enjoy the experience peaceful. No rush and no stress.
 I would recommend all of you, to experience the temple stay program and particularly in Seonunsa's temple.
 Little advice: going there in winter, gives you the chance to enjoy the no touristic season and by the way having more opportunity to converse personally with monks!